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Hi there, I’m Jean. 

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About Me

Jean Telusca is a french artist, based in Paris area. Self-taught, he discovered art from his childhood by making sketches of houses and streets. Later, he found pleasure in portrait drawing. He was introduced to painting by discovering the works of great artists such as Jean -Michel Basquiat, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso. Jean is more than an artist, he uses all kinds of artistic forms to convey strong messages, such as representation of minorities, he addresses themes such as self-exploration, family, love & happiness… He revisits, constantly, different artistic styles in order to bring his personal touch.

He never took drawing and painting lessons. He didn’t grow up in a creative family, yet he has always been creative, and has always had a particular interest in the artistic field. He took some graphic design and photography classes in Paris. A real cinephile, he tries to create his own films through his colorful canvases, Telusca tells his story through abstract art, his camera is never far from his brush, he greatly appreciates pointillism and impressionism.

His work is the perfect illustration of two sides of the same coin. On the first side, there’s the socially conscious, and activist artist, the one who wants to fight for a better representation of minorities in the field of art, on the other side, there’s this vulnerable, touching artist, fascinated by the beauty of things, life, the world, and nature.

He finds his inspiration through the scenes of daily life, he finds his strength in his Caribbean roots. He feels that his work can become the legacy of a generation, he also believes that art can be a bridge between cultures. Because each time he gets lost in this foggy world, art always allows him to see the light.

His story has just begun, he’s currently working on a series of paintings that you’ll see soon in galleries. The best is yet to come… Jean lives with three rules: do what you like, believe in what you do, express yourself!

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